SS1 Mathematics 2nd Term


SS One
Second Term

2023/2024 Session Secondary School Resumption Dates:
Mon 18-09-2023 for 1st Term Mon 08-01-2024 for 2nd Term Mon 29-04-2024 for 3rd Term

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SS One, SS Two & SS Three, Second Term

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Period 1: Introduction to Sets and Set notations
Period 2: Elements of a Set
Period 3: Types of Sets e.g. Empty set, infinite set, e.t.c
Period 4: Subset of a Set & Complement of a Set
Period 5: Operations on Set, Union and Intersection
By the end of the lessons, learners should be able to:
i. Define set
ii. Use set notation to describe sets
iii. Identify types of sets
iv. Carry out set operations
v. Give examples of subset, complement of a set, union set and intersection set

Period 1: Revision of Sets and Introduction to Venn Diagram
Period 2: Universal Sets and Its Notations
Period 3: Set Builders Notation
Period 4: Union and Interception of 2 or 3 Sets
Period 5: Problem Solving on Venn Diagram
By the end of the lessons, learners should be able to:
i. Recall and use set notation and language
ii. Identify the complement of a set
iii. Write and interpret sets of values using set builder notation
iv. Use universal sets, complements and disjoint sets to solve practical examples
v. Use Venn diagrams with up to two or three intersecting sets to solve practical examples

Period 1: Cyclic Events – Calendar
Period 2: Modular Arithmetic Charts
Period 3: Addition and Subtraction of Modulus
Period 4: Multiplication and Division of Modulus
Period 5: Quantitative Reasoning – Wall clock with rotating hands
By the end of the lessons, learners should be able to:
i. Define cyclic events
ii. Deduce and interpret cyclical events
iii. Reduce numbers to their simplest form with a given modulus
iv. Add, subtract, multiply, divide numbers in various moduli
v. Apply modular arithmetic to real life situation and quantitative reasoning

Period 1: Factorizing Quadratic Expressions
Period 2: Solving More Difficult Quadratic Expressions
Period 3: Solving Quadratic Equations using Factorization
Period 4: Solving Quadratic Equations with Given Roots
Period 5: Word Problems Leading to Quadratic Equations
By the end of the lessons, learners should be able to:
i. Factorize quadratic expressions
ii. Solve quadratic equations of the form ab = 0, a = 0 or b = 0
iii. Use factorization to solve quadratic equations
iv. Form quadratic equations with given roots
v. Solve word problems involving real life situations

Please contact us for full detail of lesson plans / lesson notes

Please contact us for full detail of lesson plans / lesson notes

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