SS1 English Language 2nd Term

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Week 1:  

Prefix and Suffix:-

Comprehension Passage, Concord, Writing Argumentative Essays, Oral presentation

A. Comprehension passage on argumentative article
B. Concord: definition and rules of concord
C. Writing argumentative essay
D. Oral presentation

Week 2:  

Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases

A. Acquisition of new words
B. Stress
C. Vocabulary development on deforestation
D. Comprehension passage on deforestation
E. Grammar on concord
F. Public advertisement on deforestation
G. Dictation

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Week 3:  

Vocabulary Development on Publishing

A. Identification of Stress in 1st, 2nd and 3rd syllables of words
B. Comprehension passage on publishing
C. Grammer on regular and irregular verbs
D. Writing (Use of punctuation marks)
E. Dictation

Week 4:  

Synonyms and Syllables

A. Vocabulary development in hotel lodging
B. Comprehension passage in hotel lodging
C. Nominalization: adjectives from nouns
D. Narrative essay
E. Dictation

Week 5:  

Phrasal Verbs and Comprehension

A. Vocabulary development on communication
B. Stress on 6th syllable
C. Comprehension passage on family
D. Nominalization: Verbs to nouns
E. Persuasive writing: Writing an argumentative essay
F. Dictation

Week 6:  

Auxiliary Verbs and Intonations

A. The use of WILL and WOULD
B. Vocabulary development on sports
C. Comprehension passage on sports
D. Grammer on simple sentences
E. Descriptive writing: Writing a descriptive essay
F. Dictation

Week 7:  

Mid Term Revision and Test for SS1 English Language 2nd Term

Week 8:  

Essay Writing

A. Vocabulary development on words related to health
B. Consonant sounds
C. Grammar on compound sentences
D. Expository writing: Article writing
E. Dictation

Week 9:  

Hormophones and Punctuation Marks

A. Vocabulary development on words related to stock exchange
B. Comprehension passage on stock exchange
C. Grammar on adjectival phrase
D. Article writing
E. Dictation

Week 10:  

Vocabulary Development on Culture

A. Vocabulary development on words related to culture
B. Consonant sounds
C. Comprehension passage on culture
D. Meaning and types of verbs
E. Narrative essay
F. Dictation

Week 11:  

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Scheme of Work by Topic for:
SS1 English Language 2nd Term
(Ana Arm Technologies)
Prefix and Suffix
Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
Vocabulary Development on Publishing
Synonyms and Syllables
Phrasal Verbs and Comprehension
Auxiliary Verbs and Intonations
Essay Writing
Homophones and Punctuation Marks
Vocabulary Development on Culture
Online Quiz
Reference Textbooks

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