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Teachers' Registration Council of Nigeria TRCN

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is saddled with the responsibilities of determining who can be called a teacher in Nigeria, setting the standards that must be attained by teachers and raising the standards from time to time. The Council oversees the quality of teaching at all levels of the education system – from the pre-primary to the university levels

It is also the responsibility of the Council to assure quality not only in the public but also privately owned educational institutions. Below are some sample questions of TRCN PQE. The exam is usually computer based test (CBT). So, it is necessary you practice before the final exams. Click here to practice with the TRCN CBT online.

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Categories for TRCN PQE CBT Examination

All candidates for the TRCN PQE CBT Examination fall under four categories, namely category A, B, C and D. Now you need to know the differences amongst these categories. This will help you determine what qualification you should have for any of the categories. The requirements for each catefory are stated below:
1. A is for those with Ph.D in education, it doesn’t matter if you have a pH.D in other field.
2. B is for masters in education, it doesn’t matter if you have Master in other field.
3. For PGDE students like those grduate with first degree and/or HND, we fall under category C, irrespective of our level of education.
4. D is for NCE students. That is, candidates who graduated from Colleges of Education with NCE certificate.

Online Quiz for TRCN PQE CBT Examination

Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination
Computer Based Test (CBT)

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1. In curriculum development these factors must be considered except? Q31


2. Identify the basic characteristics of a continuous assessment? Q104


3. The preferred population of children in class for early childhood education is — Q73


4. Which learning theory most emphasises the teacher’ role? Q64


5. The national policy on education in Nigeria stipulates that curriculum development and review must comprise of these levels except — Q32


Question 1 of 5

We have prepared a Study Guide that contains comprehensive and detail TRCN PQE past questions and answers. Our Study Guide is available in four packages, namely:
Socrates Package = NGN1,200
Plato Package = NGN1,650
Aristotle Package = NGN2,100 and
SPA Plus Package = NGN2,500
The different packages contain different number of past questions and answers, with Socrates Package having the least while SPA Plus Package contains the highest number of questions and answers.
One of the reasons for the different packages is to make the TRCN PQE Study Guide affordable and available for everyone irrespective of your present pocket level. Yes! We believe you should pass the exam on first attempt. But you have to prepare well ahead using TRCN PQE past questions and answers.

After making your payment, please send your details to 0909 650 5940 or ana.tech360@gmail.com so that your PDF will be sent to you.

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