Primary School Students Videos

Primary education is designed for Primary School Students. Children of this group are typically 6 to 11 years of age. Although, there are variations from culture to culture.
This group of students from class one to six can watch our videos on Tales by Moonlight, Ancient Tales, Cartoon Videos, etc, as a source of entertainment, a means to learn about the world around us and life issues

Children Videos | Ancient Tales

Examples of such Ancient Tales are The Greedy Tortoise, The Story of the Hungry Animals, Odelabi – The Great Hunter, The Story of the Strong Man, The Story of the Mother Eagle, The Story of the Faithful Servant, The Story of the Elephant and Tortoise, etc

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Each of these videos will help your kids to learn about the world around them, about new emotions, life issues and other important things
Let us always remember that children typically learn through imitation and they develop certain actions in real life by observing the things they watch in videos. So, help them to learn more with our Ancient Tales. Enjoy your entertainment



Basic 4 Videos
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Action Words Days of the Week Song


Basic 6 Videos
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Being a Good Citizen Basics of Grammar

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