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We are glad to have you here. Perhaps, you are curious to know more about us and what we do at Ana Arm Technologies. We appreciate your time and so we will make the introduction simple. We are education technology (EduTech) service provider as well as solar PV installer. The preceding paragraphs explain some of the EduTech and Solar PV services we carry out.

We are passionate about giving everyone, including students and teachers, something to smile about in respect of e-Learning and Solar PV Solutions and Training.
We provide e-Classes, Lesson Notes, e-Notes, Lesson Videos, Preparation Exam Questions, Quizzes, NTI PgDE Past Questions and Answers, SSCE Past Questions and Answers, etc.
We realise that it is difficult, if not almost impossible, for many schools to successfully operate digital classrooms without regular and reliable power supply.
We also provide Solar PV Solutions for schools, businesses and individuals. In addition, we provide maintenance and training services for our client.

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We are one of the most pocket-friendly e-Learning platform and professional custom-designed solar solution provider. Also, we have seasoned and IT-compliant teachers that can deliver e-Learning classes the way you prefer including using Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.

We espouse the notion of equal access to content-rich and quality information for secondary school students, regardless of their location (rural or urban area) or their sponsor’s economic status (low income, mid-level or high income).

Our team, that provides these solutions, consists of personnel  with skills in various fields including educational technology, web technology, web design, e-Learning, solar electricity, electrical installations (both domestic and commercial), and mechatronics. Surely, you would rather partner with an expert for your wed design, e-Learning, e-classes, preparation exam questions videos, solar electricity installation and any other solutions. Kindly contact us and our customer representative will give you more detail.

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