Mechanical and Plumbing Solutions


Mechanical and Plumbing Solutions

We have trained and experienced personnel in mechanical systems (fan extractor, HVAC, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, etc) and plumbing (domestic piping, commercial piping, sprinkler pipe fabrication, fire engine assembly etc). Our mechanical and plumbing solutions includes Water Sprinkler Fire Alarm (or Fire Fighting Alarm), urinary plumbing and fittings, fire fighting pipe network, pressure testing of fire fighting pipe network, etc.

Description of a Sprinkler Alarm Valve

Sprinkler Alarm (or Fire Fighting Alarm)  is a hydraulically driven mechanical bell. It does sound a continuous alarm when the sprinkler system operates. The impeller and drive shaft are energy efficient, made from light weight nonmetallic material and do not require any external lubrication. The gong, protection cover and motor housing are made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy.

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Operation of a Sprinkler Alarm Valve

When the sprinkler system is activated by the fusing of one or more automatic sprinklers at fire condition, the water flows through the Alarm Valve/Deluge Valve and enters the sprinkler alarm through the nozzle, creating a high velocity jet which strikes the impeller causing the drive shaft and the striker arm assembly to rotate. The alarm arm assembly rotates and strikes to impact against the aluminium gong, producing a continuous alarm. The waste water then drains out through a 25NB drain outlet.

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