Solar Inverter


What Are Solar Inverters?

A solar inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a solar energy system. They are mostly considered as the industrial work-horse of the solar PV system. Its primary function is to change the direct current (DC) electricity captured by solar panels into alternating current (AC).

However, most modern inverters are now designed to also perform the reverse function. They can now convert AC to DC current (a process known as conversion). The Dc current is required to charge the battery bank.

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Types of Solar Inverters

Inverters for solar application are generally classified into three types: On-grid, Off-grid and hybrid inverters. These inverters are available in different input voltage specifications, such as 12 volt DC, 24 volt DC, 48 volt DC, or even 96 volt DC. It is usually one specification for each application. Any specification desired or chosen must match with the nominal voltage of the battery bank and the system voltage of the solar charge controller if required,

Off-grid inverter is best to get power backups. While on-grid solar inverter will reduce your electricity bills. The hybrid inverter provides both the features in off-grid and on-grid inverters. Both an on-grid inverter and a hybrid inverter can work without a solar battery. But an off-grid inverter is not designed to work without a battery.

What to Look for in a Solar Inverter

It’s very important to choose the best inverter for your solar PV systems if you want to enjoy peak performance. Therefore, before making a decision, make sure you have done a thorough your research in collaboration with an expert in solar PV system.
The few things to look out for when shopping for solar inverters are: warranties, operating temperatures, efficiency, input voltage specifications, etc

You can contact us to carry out the technical analysis for your application and avoid guess buying or using someone’s installation as a benchmark

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