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Sub topics:
Simple equations
Word problems leading to equations
Substitution in formular
Change of subject of formular
Formulae and substitution

Sub topics:
Direct variation
Inverse variation
Joint variation
Partial variation and revision of simultaneous equations (elimination methods)
Quantitative reasoning

Sub topics:
Types of Triangle: Considering their sides and angles
Condition for congruency and examples of congruent and similar triangles
Isosceles and equilateral triangles (theorems)
Parallelograms and related quadrilaterals
Equal Intercepts

Line segment and angular bisector
Construction of angles 90, 45, 135
Construction of angles 90, 75, 105
Construction of angles 60, 120, 30, 150
Review of construction of angles

Construction of parallel and perpendicular lines
Construction of triangles
Construction of quadrilateral
Application of Construction

Parts of circle
Perimeter of a circle
Area of a circle
Cone from sector
Quantitative reasoning

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