Battery Bank

Introduction to Solar Battery Bank

A battery bank is very necessary in your solar PV system especially when the sun isn’t shining or when the grid turns off due to a storm or other unforeseen circumstances. It consists of two or more batteries connected either in series, parallel or series-parallel to store more energy for later use when the primary source of energy is unavailable. While the initial investment can be large depending on the size of your home or and your energy needs, a solar battery bank gives you an opportunity to save even more money than a standard solar system (i.e. a solar system without a battery).

However, a battery bank should be properly sized to match both with the energy consumption as well as the capacity of the inverter. Over-sizing or under-sizing it rarely provides any meaningful cost savings in solar PV system. A general rule for all batteries is that the less they are discharged, the longer their service life.

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Before Getting Started, Learn More About Battery Bank

The first step before getting a solar battery bank is to find out how much solar energy your home or appliances would use. This may be done by computing the kWh of all appliances to be powered. Sometimes, this calculation may be dreary but you can use our appliance kWh calculator to ease off the tediousness involved or you can use a battery size calculator developed by a solar advocate. Besides, you may contact a solar expert to analyse your energy consumption of your appliances.

Better still you may contact us for this and we assure you of a reliable estimate that will determine the optimal capacity of battery bank to buy for your proposed solar PV system.

Advantages: The following are some of the reasons why you should consider a battery bank in your next solar application.
It provides a storage warehouse for the solar energy that is collected in excess.
It guaranties power supply whenever it is needed.

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