Solar Generator

Description of Solar Generator

A solar generator is a portable power station that combines a solar inverter, a solar charge controller and solar battery in one compartment for the purpose of converting sunlight into electrical energy to provide essential automatic backup power to your home when you need it the most.

It eliminates the need for wiring connections between the inverter andĀ  charge controller. Thus, it is technically a hybrid solar power station.

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As stated earlier, it can be transported easily along side the solar module to any desired location where there is sunlight. It requires little or no technical in-depth to mount and operate the device. It can be used in various applications including commercial, tourism, and home. It comes in different capacity ranging form 500W up to 3.0 kVA.

Our product range include 1.0 kW and 1.2 kW. Kindly check details of each model below and contact us for any one you are interested in. Check the article on solar inverter here

1.0 kW Solar Generator with In-Built Lithium Battery. SeeĀ  specifications and images below.
Features: Protections: reverse polarity, short-circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, over-discharge, anti-thunder MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 120 ~ 450 VDC. MPPT Solar Controller:24V 30A Battery Voltage: 24 V Wave form: Pure Sine Wave Solar Input: Max Input Voltage = 50V, Rated Solar Input Power = 1200W, Max Current = 30A Click an image below to zoom it
1.2 kW Portable Solar Generator using Lead Acid Battery

It is flexible to set the Mains Supply mode – Energy-Saving mode – Battery mode.
Convenient and practical 5VDC USB output port and 12VDC output port.
PWM Charge Controller.
Over-charge and deep-discharge protection.
Overall automatic protection and alarms including AC output overload protection, short circuit protection, etc.
Click an image below to zoom it.
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