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Why Quizzes, Tests or Exams?

Many teachers dislike preparing questions and grading exams, and most students dread taking quizzes tests and exams. Yet the trio are veritable tools of assessment in education and similar fields to measure and obtain feedback about the growth in knowledge, abilities, or skills of students.

Despite the trepidation and inconvenience, quizzes, tests or exams play an important role in education and particularly in e-Learning. From bottom-up, quizzes help keep students engaged and prepare them for tests and ultimately exams. At Ana Arm Technologies, we are passionate about creating e-Classes, e-Learning solutions and also accompany them with assessments and evaluations that are tied to approved curriculum.

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Target Audience for the Quizzes Tests and Exams

Our assessments and evaluations cover various group of learners including Junior School Students (JSCE), Senior School Students (SSCE), secondary school teachers, WAEC GCE candidates, JAMB UTME candidates, project practitioners, and solar PV technicians and robotics enthusiasts.

Also, school administrators can integrate this online evaluation technique into their e-Learning system to enable them engage students with assignments and homework even outside the school. It has automated feedback mechanism that sends e-mail messages to the admin about the students participation and performance.

How to Maximise the Benefits of Our Quizzes Tests and Exams?

Visit our website at least once a week and take a quiz on any subject of your choice relating to your present class. After submitting a quiz, the quiz machine will normally send your performance to your e-mail. Please find time to check your inbox and review your strength and weakness. We believe when next you come back to take quiz on the same subject, you will do better. And better will lead you to best in your academic.

As you evaluate yourself on what you have read, it is also a good ideas to expand your knowledge on what is important to know. To this effect, we provide you e-Library to give you easy access to top collections of books from great authors.

Offline Version of Quizzes Tests and Exams?

You can also request to have access to this quiz offline. This preference will require you to indicate the subjects and terms that are most important to you.

In addition to quizzes, you can also buy our Lesson Notes on any subject, for any class and term. This covers both Junior Secondary Schools and Senior Secondary Schools. The e-Notes are in PDF format which can be downloaded and accessed on any device.

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