Lesson Videos


Lesson Videos

Teachers and/or parents may use well planned Lesson Videos, embellished with melodies, to arouse students interest in learning and bolster retention. Also, we encourage students to leverage on our exam-focused lesson videos to excel in their various subjects.

Our lesson videos are designed to reflect the learning objectives included in the national curriculum, scheme of work and syllabus for secondary school education. We provide Videos of no more than 10 minutes that explain basic concepts of the subject to the students. The format of our lesson videos is based on slide display and embedded melodies. This helps to present more information in smaller mega-byte and therefore reduces the rate of data consumption while watching the video on the internet.

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In addition, the learning objectives are carefully linked with senior secondary certificate examinations (SSCE) past questions and answers. Both WAEC and NECO make up the SSCE. Therefore, candidates preparing for these exams are encouraged to make prudent use of these videos and the e-Library learning resources for their exam success.

We also develop custom videos for different schools, both primary and secondary. Some schools may want to include lesson videos as parts of their instructional materials into their e-Learning solution. Others may prefer image slide show of the lesson notes. We design both of these solutions. Kindly contact us and a customer representative will assist you.

Each lesson video is based on a topic which is further broken down into sub – topics and then treated under different periods to reflect unit of instruction. Each period has its learning objectives, which form the basis of presentation for the sub – topic. At the end of the topic, evaluation questions are provided to help teachers and students gauge how well they have treated or understood the topic.

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Characteristics of Living Things

International Organisations - ECOWAS

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