SS2 Mathematics 3rd Term

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Third Term

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Order of a matrices
Matrix addition and subtraction
Scalar multiplication
Matrix multiplication
General matrix multiplication

Determinant of a 2 x 2 matrix
Transpose of a matrix
Inverse of a matrix
Matrices and simultaneous equation
Revision from SSCE past questions and application to everyday life

The Arithmetic Progression (AP)
The nth term of an Arithmetic Progression (AP)
Sum of terms in Arithmetic Progression (AP)

The Geometric Progression (GP)
The nth term of Geometric Progression (GP)
Sum of terms in a GP
Sum to infinity
Revision from SSCE past questions and application to everyday life

Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Discounts and Commissions
Rates and Taxes
Stocks and Shares

Simple and compound statements
Truth tables
Conjunction and disjunction
Valid argument
Review of topics in SSCE past questions

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