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Welcome to Ana Arm Technologies

A warm and home welcome to ANA ARM TECHNOLOGIES (anaarm.com). We are one of the leading education technology companies. In addition, we provide solar electricity solution to help you succeed in your quest for e-Learning, computer based testing, online education, learning management system (LMS) among others. You may watch the video about our services and solutions.

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Obviously, you are aware that adequate power supply is necessary for effective operation of many of the systems listed above. You need not worry anymore because at AAT, we have the solution for both of these concerns. We can estimate your energy consumption (that is kilo Watt hour) for your e-Learning facility and select the components that make up the solar PV system suitable for your needs. In addition, we provide installation and maintenance services for solar PV systems.

Surely, you will not hesitate to contact us and enroll for our e-Learning solutions or invite us to develop a solution that suit your needs. Also, you can chat us on +234 909 650 5940 for any clarification or further explanation if you are in doubt.

We do not charge any site visitor for using our website. Simply contact us using the channels provided above in case you want to clear some doubts.

We humbly plead that you spend little time to navigate our site using the quick link below and share with others. On our home page, you can search for the relevant information by simply entering your search query in the search field provided below. If the result is “NOT FOUND”, please modify and re-enter your search query. We assure you of a wonderful reading experience on our website.

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Explanation of what project management is all aboutWhat is Project Management?
Solar Battery Solar Battery
Fire Alarm Check ValveMechanical and Plumbing Solutions
Solar Battery Selection Solar Battery Selection, Management and Maintenance
Solar Radiation ResourcesSolar Photovoltaic Solutions
Suitable solar modules for my need?Solar Module Selection
e-LibraryLearning Resources
What battery type is appropriate for solar application?Solar Battery Selection, Management and Maintenance
What is a robot?Robots
Staircase TilesStaircase Tiles Calculators
Number of Bricks or Blocks Bricks Calculators
Building Floor Plan Floor Plan Design
Robot Motor Torque Motor Torque Calculators
Wheeled Mobile Robot Distance Wheeled Mobile Robot Distance
Robot Wheel Encoder Robot Wheel Encoder
Apps and Software Apps and Software
Lesson Notes and e-Notes Lesson Notes
National Teachers Institute PGDE NTI PGDE Smart Learning
Secondary School Quizzes Quizzes Tests and Exams
Senior Secondary School and SSCE WAEC Quizzes Senior Secondary Schools Questions
Project Conflicts during Execution Phase Project Conflicts
Programming for Kids Online Coding for Kids
TRCN Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
PEE-AA for Construction Site Management Project Execution, Expenses and Analytics App
NTI PGDE 1st Semester First Semester
NTI PGDE 2nd Semester Second Semester
Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan
eClasses for Secondary Schools e-Classes
Teachers Teachers
NTI PGDE Past Questions and Answers PDE Q & A
Language and Linguistics Language and Linguistics
Documentation Unity Close PHC Archive Unity Close PHC

Also, find time to read through the Guidelines and Benefits of Enrolling into Our e-Learning Solution and complete a 3-step process to join and start enjoying the e-Learning solution.

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