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Junior Secondary School Class as a Middle-level Phase of Learning

The Junior Secondary School Class  (JSS) is a middle-level phase of learning in which students respond more to the changing cognitive, physical, emotional, economic, social, and technological needs and conditions often associated with adolescences. It is a very important phase that requires appropriate attention and monitoring. If well managed, it would have helped the students cross-over the so-called adolescent crisis which many parents often dread.

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Therefore, the relationship between teachers and students is crucial as teachers need to constantly and consistently adapt their teaching and learning strategies to cater for these distinctive needs and to maximise learning outcomes. Also, parents and school management should work hand-in-glove towards identifying potentials as well as knowledge gaps in the students.

It is not an uncommon observation that students who are actively engaged in purposeful and intellectually challenging learning throughout the middle-level phase of learning are more likely to complete their senior secondary schools learning process and gain qualifications that will prepare them for further learning, training or work. Thus, this is a stage where both parents and teachers should respond proactively to the needs and conditions associated with adolescences.

Junior Secondary School Class Curriculum and Subjects

Our Junior Secondary School curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum on Education. We provide content-rich and well-formatted e-Notes and Lesson Notes on various subjects including Mathematics, Basic Technology, Basic Science, Physical and Health Education, Home Economics, Business Studies, and Computer Studies. This covers JSS 1, JSS 2 and JSS 3 and First Term, Second term and Third Term separately and as a bundle package. You can order for all subjects in a given term for a specified class or you can order for selected subjects in a given term for different classes. We made it flexible to suit your need. Kindly make an order and you get your e-Note or Lesson Note delivered to you.

JSS One (Basic 7)
JSS Two (Basic 8)
JSS Three (Basic 9)

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