NTI PGDE Past Questions and Answers

2024 NTI PgDE Past Questions and Answers: 10 Years Plus in Each Course

Welcome to NTI PgDE Past Questions and Answers for First  Semester and Second Semester which every student-teacher should practice with before the actual examinations. In order to confirm that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, you may want to check out
teachers testimonials about our NTI PgDE Past Questions and Answers here.
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Price Slash for 2024 NTI PgDE Past Questions and Answers

NGN2,400 First Semester and
NGN1,750 Second Semester
Minimum Order = 12 for 1st Semester
Minimum Order = 7 for 2nd Semester

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Course Code for NTI PGDE Past Questions and Answers

Click each CODE below to learn more about each NTI PgDE course and the Past Questions and Answers listed under it. Or Click Here to Buy NTI PgDE Courses
PDE701   PDE702   PDE703   PDE704
PDE705   PDE706   PDE707   PDE708
PDE709   PDE710   PDE711   PDE712

NTI which stands for National Teachers’ Institute is given the mandate to train and issue certification to teachers in Nigeria. It offers various courses including History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Educational Psychology, etc. Every intending student-teacher is expected start the registration from the official NTI Portal for students.

To qualify for the PgDE programme, a student must have obtained at least a first degree certificate in a recognised university or a higher national diploma (HND) certificate from an accredited polytechnic in Nigeria or abroad. Other requirements include SSCE certificate or its equivalent. It is our humble suggestion that after you have registered, try and get either the course modules or past questions. This will enable you to read ahead of the examinations

Fortunately, we provide NTI PgDE Past Questions and Answers for this programme. Each course contains a minimum of Ten (10) years and all the courses are up to date, year 2023 Past Questions and Answers inclusive. All the years listed under a course are available and they collectively cost as low as between NGN200 to NGN250 only depending on the number of courses you order for. We mean you are paying as low as NGN200 for all the years mentioned under any course when you buy 12 courses of NTI First Semester. Thus, we encourage you to order for at least twelve (12) courses at a time, which cost NGN2,400 only

Just a moment!!!
If I were you, I will pay ONCE for both semesters as follows:
NGN2,400 for 12 courses in First Semester
NGN1,750 for 7 courses in Second Semester
NGN4,150 for 19 courses for both semesters
Your Benefits:
You reduce bank charges on multiple transactions.
You escape from impending increase in price to be effected soon, etc.
To clear your doubt about our LEGIT, watch the NTI PgDE YouTube video below.
Or you can WhatsApp and ask us to send you Teachers' remarks after they had aced the exams.

Kindly follow the steps below to LEARN MORE and get your copies for offline study. We will respond to your order within TWELF (12) HOURS. We deliver direct to you in either WhatsApp or E-mail. We do not encourage sending links for download because links may be malicious or scam. You may also contact us as soon as you place your order. Our whatsApp number is 0909 650 5940.

Your NTI PgDE 1st Semester and/or 2nd Semester Past Questions & Answers

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