TRCN PQE Past Questions and Answers


TRCN PQE Past Questions and Answers

He who fails to prepare is not unlikely preparing to fail. This is a universal truism that applies to all human endeavours including writing examinations. Hence, we have developed this portal for teachers to provide them a mastering of how to prepare and write the TRCN PQE CBT examination and PASS it on first attempt. As the third acronym implies, the exam is a Computer Based Test. Thus, candidates are expected to practice and get familiar with computer testing environment. This informed our contributions to assist teachers prepare for the TRCN PQE. Please make wise use of the available resources and guarantee yourself of brilliant success.

The TRCN PQE Past Questions and Answers spread across various courses including English Language and Communications Skills, Basic Mathematics, History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Measurement and Evaluation, Teaching Profession, Curriculum Study, etc. Some sample questions are presented below in some selected courses.

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TRCN PQE Instructions and Expected Procedures

In preparation for TRCN PQ Examination, the following cautions should be strictly adhered to, to avoid unexpected failure.
1 The examination is arranged in batches, each and everyone will write the exam according to the batch he or she belongs.
2 Before the day of the examination, sort code would be sent to everyone through the phone number submitted. In case you have changed your line or lost your phone, kindly do the needful very fast. The sort code will be used to login to have access to write the exam since it is computer based test.
3 The questions are 60-objective, which means, 1 minute to answer a question. After login with the given sort code, ensure you read fast and carefully before clicking on the answer given in options a, b, c, … Once you click on the right option, move your cursor to the right hand side and click on save. Not clicking on save in front of the option chosen means you didn’t answer the question. This mistake has caused many to lose their TRCN PQE and we must avoid it.
4 After clicking on save once an option was chosen, to answer the next question, click on next. For example, when you click on the best option for number 1 question, click on save. To answer number 2 question, click on next.
5 Continue like that till you finish your work. Be very fast and time conscious so that you may have time left to review your work and do corrections where necessary. When you are satisfied with your work and deemed it fit for submission. Click the SUBMIT button. When you click on submit button, leave the seat.
6 Many candidates failed not because they didn’t know the right answer to the questions but because they failed to follow the expected procedure. 
7 The date of the exam is sooner than imagined. Get prepared. I wish us all a great success. Thanks and God bless you all.

Check TRCN Sample Questions Below

An essay that concentrates on the characteristics of a person or things is an example of which of the following?
A. Narrative
B. Argumentative
C. Descriptive
D. Exposition
The school will mark — 10th anniversary next week.
A. their
B. her
C. it’s
D. its

Simplify: (2a)0
A. 2a
B. 1
C. 2
D. 0
Express 3/4 as a decimal fraction.
A. 0.85
B. 0.75
C. 0.65
D. 0.45


Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination
Computer Based Test (CBT)

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1. The use of instructional resources in teaching and learning began with — Q89


2. In which of these countries did curriculum began as a distinct field of study? Q34


3. What are expectations of student / pupils in respect of curriculum implementation? Q46


4. Points of implementation of the curriculum include the following except? Q44


5. The following is not amongst the reason the school administrator should listen to the complaints or suggestions of a class teachers? Q41


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We have prepared a Study Guide that contains comprehensive and detail TRCN PQE past questions and answers. Our Study Guide is available in four packages, namely:
Socrates Package = NGN1,200
Plato Package = NGN1,650
Aristotle Package = NGN2,100 and
SPA Plus Package = NGN2,500
The different packages contain different number of past questions and answers, with Socrates Package having the least while SPA Plus Package contains the highest number of questions and answers.
One of the reasons for the different packages is to make the TRCN PQE Study Guide affordable and available for everyone irrespective of your present pocket level. Yes! We believe you should pass the exam on first attempt. But you have to prepare well ahead using TRCN PQE past questions and answers.

Please Send Us a Message as Follows:

After making your payment, please send your details to 0909 650 5940 or so that your PDF will be sent to you.

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