Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan

Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan

Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan

Writing Lesson Plans that Decode the Scheme of Work: Scheme of Work and Lesson Plan are usually two important foundations on which the unit of instructions and lesson notes are built. Every teacher should be able to create them before embarking on completing the lesson note.

A lesson plan plays a vital role in teaching-learning processes. It represents a stage when the scheme of work is interpreted into unit of instructions for periods of thirty, forty or forty-five minutes depending on the subject or school. In turn when a lesson plan is transcribed into a notebook, it becomes a lesson note (PDE 704 P27).

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Features of a Good Lesson Plan

The topic to be taught must be stated clearly.
A lesson plan must contain precise performance objectives.
It should neither be too scanty nor lengthy.

Importance of a Good Lesson Plan

It helps in logical presentation of the lesson.
It helps to prepare important facts about the lesson well ahead of time.
A lesson plan provides clear objectives and makes the teaching process goal-oriented.

Our lesson plans are carefully developed from the new curriculum for secondary education. The lesson plans cover various subjects including Agricultural Science, Animal Husbandry, Biology, Chemistry, Civic Education, Commerce, Computer Science, Computer Studies, Data Processing, Economics, English Language, Further Mathematics, Government, Mathematics, Physics, Technical Drawing, etc.

Each subject covers three classes: SS One, SS Two and SS Three. In turn, each class is sub-divided into first term, second term and third term.

Spend some time to peruse through our lesson plans in various subjects and we will glad to receive your comments, contributions or criticism. You can also request for lesson plans and/or scheme of work by filling the contact us form.

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