TRCN Questions in Measurement and Evaluation


TRCN PQE Computer Based Test in Measurement and Evaluation

The TRCN PQE for Measurement and Evaluation draws questions from various topics including the following:
Concepts of Measurement and Evaluation in Education
Definitions, Types and Functions of Measurement, Evaluation, Assessment and Test
Evaluation Standardization Strategies
Meaning and Scope of Measurement and Evaluation

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Evaluation helps the teacher to fulfill the following except — mee26
A. Determine a child’s understanding.
B. Access a teacher’s effectiveness in teaching.
C. A feedback to know who is not doing well.
D. Access a class effectiveness.

The following is an example of formative evaluation. mee27
A. Tests that help teachers to correct their learners and improve on their delivery.
B. Tests between schools for a price.
C. Tests in a relay.
D. Test of intensity.

The consistency of an assessment measure can be correctly described as — mee28
A. reliability.
B. validity.
C. practicability.
D. usability.

Assessment for learning takes cognisance of the following except — mee29
A. learning habits.
B. learning strategies.
C. learning styles.
D. learner’s ability.

Learning in cognitive domain is measured by — mee30
A. aptitude test.
B. performance test.
C. achievement test.
D. intelligence test.

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1. Test refers to the following except — mee3


2. The following are types of evaluation except — mee10


3. Measurement could be defined as the following except — mee6


4. Test refers to the following except — mee4


5. Test refers to the following except — mee2


Question 1 of 5

Identify the two types of evaluation which correspond with measurement of cognitive and psychomotor materials. mee21
A. Norms referenced and criterion referenced evaluation
B. Teacher referenced evaluation
C. Norms referenced evaluation only
D. Content referenced evaluation

Explain norms reference evaluation. mee22
A. This is used to compare the performance of students/pupils in class.
B. It is used to place people for jobs.
C. It is used to acquire certificates.
D. It is used for correction.

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