TRCN Questions in Educational Technology


TRCN PQE Computer Based Test in Educational Technology and ICT in Education

The TRCN PQE for Educational Technology and ICT in Education draws questions from various topics including the following:
Category A: Meaning, value, varieties and uses of Educational Technology, etc
Category B: Meaning, principles and evolution of Educational Technology, etc
Category C: Concept, scope and role of Educational Technology in the teaching and learning process, etc
Category D: Concept and history of Educational Technology, etc

The Teachers' Professional Qualifying Examination is a Computer Based Test (CBT). Practice with the sample past questions below and determine how well you have prepared for the exam

Which of the following chronologically identies the phases of educational technology? edt26
A. Early man era, chalk board era, mass communication, information, communication and technology
B. Stone age, scientific age, mass media and ICT
C. Drawing era, writing era, type writing era and ICT
D. Carving, chalk board, mass communication and ICT

Which of the following inventors developed the printing machine? edt27
A. Alexander Graham
B. Isaac Newton
C. Johann Gutenberg
D. Ted Turner

Which of the following is the central point of focus in a class? edt28
A. teacher
B. chalk/whiteboard
C. learners
D. book

The pre-missionary traditional educational system emphasises the following subjects except — edt29
A. Geography
B. History
C. Religion

The first education broadcast in Nigeria was done in — edt30
A. 1951
B. 1952
C. 1953
D. 1954

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Good communication implies to — edt11
A. speak
B. follow
C. study
D. teach

Visual aids can be referred to as — edt12
A. the use of object and pictures in teaching and learning.
B. the use of virtual library.
C. assistance from e-learning.
D. non-physical assistance.

Dale’s cone of experience is an example of — edt13
A. visual instruction materials.
B. auditory instruction materials.
C. physical experience materials.
D. upward moving experience.

Educational technology can be described as — edt14
A. the use of audio-visual media in education.
B. the use of software and hardware in education.
C. the application of technology in solving educational problems.
D. the use of teaching machines in education.

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