Commerce Exam Questions for SS1 Third Term


Commerce Exam Questions for SS1 Third Term include Objectives and Theories with their Answers gleaned from Standard Exam Question Formats like WAEC, NECO, JAMB, etc
Main Topics used in preparing the Exam Questions are:
1 Warehousing
2 Tourism
3 Public Enterprise
4 Communication
5 Transportation
6 Insurance
The principle which prevents an insured from receiving a claim that is more than the value of the loss, if the property is insured by more than one company is —
A. indemnity
B. contribution
C. proximate cause
D. uberrimae fidei
Sea vessels that do not operate on regular times and routes are —
A. tramps
B. ocean liners
C. container ships
D. ferries
Payment made to a carrier for transportation of goods is —
A. frights
B. fee
C. fare
D. duty
An advantage of rail transport is that it —
A. is less expensive to maintain
B. is not prone to delays
C. carries bulky and heavy goods
D. enhances door-to-door delivery
The commission on a postal order is —
A. tariff
B. poundage
C. brokerage
D. fee
Consumers could be encouraged to purchase a company’s products through —
A. research
B. planning
C. distribution
D. advertisement
Advertisement which is geared towards a particular audience is —
A. direct advertising
B. indirect advertising
C. mass advertising
D. persuasive advertising
An insurance policy which is not a contract of indemnity is —
A. burglary insurance
B. fire insurance
C. life insurance
D. motor insurance
When a company insures the lives of all its employees collectively, the policy is —
A. accident insurance
B. fleet insurance
C. fidelity guarantee insurance
D. group insurance
A specially-designed mode of transport for conveying liquid and gas is a —
A. coaster
B. tanker
C. liner
D. ferry
The safe keeping of goods produced until they are needed is —
A. hoarding
B. marking
C. packaging
D. warehousing
A paid presentation about a product with a view to encouraging buyers by an identified sponsor is —
A. publicity
B. personal selling
C. sales promotion
D. advertisement
The face-to-face meeting of the seller with the buyer for the purpose of making sales is —
A. mass selling
B. impulse buying
C. personal selling
D. sales promotion
A medium of inter-departmental communication is —
A. intercom
B. notice board
C. radiophone
D. circular
The insurance policy taken to cover dishonesty of account personnel of an organisation is —
A. employers liability
B. fidelity guarantee
C. life endowment
D. marine insurance
Informative advertising is aimed at —
A. giving advice on the use of a product
B. influencing customers to buy a product
C. giving gifts to attract customers
D. encouraging specific customers to buy a product
A cheap means of carrying bulky goods over long distance is by —
A. rail
B. road
C. air
D. pipeline
An advertisement method whose objective is to convince customers to buy a product is —
A. informative advertisement
B. persuasive advertising
C. competitive advertising
D. mass advertisement
Activities undertaken to create awareness of a product by giving out samples or gifts is —
A. marketing mix
B. marketing concepts
C. window display
D. sales promotion
Which of the following is the modern means of communication?
A. grape vine
B. email
C. whistles
D. town crier

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