TRCN Questions in Basic Mathematics


TRCN PQE Computer Based Test in Basic Mathematics

The TRCN PQE for Basic Mathematics draws questions from various topics including the following:
1 Binary numbers
2 Fractions
3 Surds
4 Change of subject of formular
5 Expansion and factorization of simple algebraic expressions
6 Simple algebraic equations
7 Variations
8 Business Arithmetic
9 Measurements
10 Statistics

The Teachers' Professional Qualifying Examination is a Computer Based Test (CBT). Practice with the sample past questions below and determine how well you have prepared for the exam

A basketball court has an area of 364m². If it is 14m wide, how long is the court? bam21
A. 26m
B. 36m
C. 48m
D. 56m

A collection of objects according to a well-defined common element or property is called — bam22
A. theory.
B. set.
C. notation.
D. theory, set and notation.

Calculate the area of a circle whose radius is 7cm. (Take Π = 22/7). bam23
A. 124cm²
B. 134cm²
C. 154cm²
D. 164cm²

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1. Find the compound interest on N6,000 for 3 years at 8% rate per annum. bam4


2. Express 3/4 as a decimal fraction. bam2


3. If U ∝ 1/n and U = 72 when n = 5, find n when U = 8. bam5


4. Find the volume of a cylinder whose radius r = 7cm and h = 4cm. Take pie = 22/7). bam6


5. Find the area of a rectangle whose base is 12cm and height 7cm. bam9


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