TRCN Questions in Philosophy of Education


TRCN PQE Computer Based Test in Philosophy of Education

The TRCN PQE for Philosophy of Education draws questions from various topics including the following:
Basic Philosophical Thought in Education
Nature of Philosophy and Education
Various Schools of Thought in Philosophy and their impact on Education
Relevance and Importance of Philosophy of Education to the student-teacher

The Teachers' Professional Qualifying Examination is a Computer Based Test (CBT). Practice with the sample past questions below and determine how well you have prepared for the exam

The philosophic mode concerned with the classification of meaning of words is — phe26
A. Prescriptive
B. Analytical
C. Speculative
D. Inductive

The philosophic mode concerned with setting standards of concept as right or wrong, good and bad, ugly and beautify is — phe27
A. Analytical
B. Speculative
C. Prescriptive
D. Axiology

The philosophic mode concerned with the search for order, wholeness and completeness in realm of existence is — phe28
A. Prescriptive
B. Analytical
C. Inductive
D. Speculative

The following is not a relevance of Philosophy of Education. phe29
A. It attempts to establish the origin, meaning and nature of education.
B. It seeks to establish the ends which education serves in society.
C. It attempts to clarify basic concepts, principles and methods of education.
D. It shows teachers and learners how to philosophise.

Which of the following can be defined as the guiding principle regulating human conduct and values in all walks of life? phe30
A. Religion
B. Sociology
C. Philosophy
D. Law

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Select which of the following option is incorrect relationship between philosophy and education. phe20
A. Philosophy and education are both concerned with knowledge.
B. Philosophy and education both transmit desirable societal knowledge.
C. Every educational system is derived from philosophy.
D. Philosophy seeks to resolve questions on the ends, means and purpose of education.

The aims and objectives of Nigeria education as captured in the National Policy on Education exclude the following. phe23
A. Unity and national consciousness
B. Right values and attitude
C. Training of the mind for military preparation
D. Acquisition of mental and physical skills

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