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TRCN PQE Computer Based Test in Educational Psychology

The Teachers' Professional Qualifying Examination is a Computer Based Test (CBT). Practice with the sample past questions below and determine how well you have prepared for the exam

Which of the following is often referred to as the moral arm of personality? edp21
A. Ego
B. Id
C. Super ego
D. Super id
The id adjusts to the following defense mechanism to cope with conflicts from our personality except — edp22
A. Projection
B. Rationalisation
C. Displacement
D. Pretension

Learning can be defined as — edp23
A. a relatively permanent change in behaviour due to experience.
B. all changes in behaviour.
C. acquisition of learning.
D. a relatively permanent change in growth due to aging.
In psychology, learning involves — edp24
A. modification of behavioural patterns.
B. an individual process.
C. a combination of information.
D. teaching and learning.
Learning can be categorised as the following except — edp25
A. correct and incorrect learning.
B. conscious and unconscious learning.
C. overt and covert learning.
D. instinctive and non-instinctive learning.

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1. Which of the following does not capture the importance of psychology to the teacher? edp5


2. Which of the following has a maximum ceiling? edp10


3. Educational psychology is majorly concerned with the following except — edp9


4. Educational psychology is a branch of — edp4


5. Development occurs when there is increase in — edp7


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