TRCN Questions in English Language


TRCN PQE Computer Based Test in English Language and Communications Skills

The TRCN PQE for English Language draws questions from topics ranging from the following:
1 Types of language problems among learners
2 Strategies for improving language problems among learners
3 Nature and importance of Classroom Communication
4 Grammar in English Language: parts of speech, direct and indirect speech, common errors in spoken English, etc
5 Listening: listening types, listening defects, strategies for effective listening, etc
6 Writing: letter writing, writing styles, logical presentation of ideas, logical sequencing of paragraphs, etc
7 Reading: reading problems, creative reading, principles and techniques for effective reading, reading for various purposes, etc

The Teachers' Professional Qualifying Examination is a Computer Based Test (CBT). Practice with the sample past questions below and determine how well you have prepared for the exam

Which of the following words/sounds mean “harsh voice“? enl26
A. Coerce
B. Course
C. Coarse
D. Coarce

Which of the following words/sounds have something to do with human conduct? enl27
A. Morale
B. Moral
C. Mural
D. Murale

Which of these words/sounds refers to “mention an authority”, for example in a book? enl28
A. Sight
B. Cite
C. Site
D. Cight

Which of these is an account of a person’s life? enl29
A. Bibliography
B. Biography
C. Citography
D. Geography

Writing as a means of communication demands the following skills except — enl30
A. Identification of subject matter and originality of ideas.
B. Arrangement of thoughts/points.
C. Use of suitable and appropriate language.
D. Use of over flowing language.

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11. An essay that concentrates on the characteristics of a person or things is an example of which of the following?
A. Narrative
B. Argumentative
C. Descriptive
D. exposition

12. The school will mark — 10th anniversary next week.
A. their
B. her
C. it’s
D. its

13. The market will increase — shops next year.
A. their
B. its
C. it’s
D. her

14. Identify the nearest in meaning to the underlined: Happiness eludes those who do not prepare for life’s journey.
A. Escape
B. Avoid
C. follow
D. Elope

15. Okoro and Musa — to read their books.
A. like
B. likes
C. liked
D. does like

Which of the follwing words or phrases can be used to conclude a passage and argument? enl24
A. Conclusively
B. In conclusion
C. Summarily
D. Summatively

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