SS1 Physics 1st Term


Scheme of Work by Week for:

SS1 Physics 1st Term

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Week 1: 18-09-2023

The scheme of work has the following topics:

Introduction to Physics |
Fundamental quantities and units |
Derived quantities and units |
Measurement in Physics |
Position, distance and displacement |
Motion |
Circular motion |
Linear motion

Week 2: 25-09-2023

Introduction to Physics

What is Physics?
Physics is a science subject which deals with physical nature (or physical quantities) and the properties of matter and energyIn other words, Physics is a branch of science that is concerned with physical quantities in relation to matter and energy. It is an applied Mathematics.
The underline words/phrases are very important for scoring full mark 

See more definitions in What is Physics?

Week 3: 02-10-2023

Fundamental quantities and units

Content is in PDF

Week 4: 09-10-2023

Derived quantities and units

Content is in PDF

Week 5: 16-10-2023

Measurement in Physics

Content is in PDF

Week 6: 23-10-2023

Position, distance and displacement

Content is in PDF

Week 7: 30-10-2023

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1. In which of the following fields is radioisotopes not used? WAEC 2018 Q49


2. A wire of length 400cm is stretched between two fixed points. When plucked, its fundamental frequency is 150Hz. Calculate the speed of the wave produced. WAEC 2018 Q35


3. When a cylinder rolls down an inclined plane, it has one or more of the following types of motion:

I. Oscillatory

II. Random

III. Rotational

IV. Translational


4. Which of the following electromagnetic waves is most energetic? WAEC 2018 Q20


5. Which of the following instruments is suitable for making the most accurate measurement of the internal diameter of a test tube?

1990, Q1


6. Which of the units of the following physical quantities are derived? I. Area II. Thrust III. Pressure IV Mass

1988, Q1


7. The acceleration due to gravity may be defined as the force

2006, Q38


8. Which of the following phenomenon is the practical evidence for the existence of the continual motion of molecules?


9. A stone tied to a string is made to revolve in a horizontal circle of radius 4 m with an angular speed for 2 radii per second. With what tangential velocity will the stone move off the circle if the string cuts?

1989, Q10


10. A loaded test tube in water is carefully and slightly depressed and then released. Which of the following best describes the subsequent motion of the test tube?


Question 1 of 10

Week 8: 06-11-2023

Motion and types of motion

What is motion?

Motion is a change in the position of an object. The types of motion are: linear motion, circular motion, oscillatory motion, random motion, etc.

Define force and state its S.I unit (Source: Ref WAEC 2019, Q11a [i])

Force can be defined as an action (in form of push or pull) that changes or tends to change the state of rest or of uniform motion in straight line of an object (or body). Its unit is newton (N).

Week 9: 13-11-2023

Circular motion

Content is in PDF

Week 10: 20-11-2023

Linear motion

Content is in PDF

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Scheme of Work by Topic for:
SS1 Physics 1st Term
(Ana Arm Technologies)
Introduction to Physics
Fundamental Quantities and Units
Derived Quantities and Units
Measurement in Physics
Position, Distance and Displacement
Circular Motion
Linear Motion
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