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2023/2024 Session Secondary School Resumption Dates:
Mon 18-09-2023 for 1st Term Mon 08-01-2024 for 2nd Term Mon 29-04-2024 for 3rd Term

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Week 1: 18-09-2023

Meaning and Importance of Agriculture

Meaning of agriculture
Agriculture can be defined as the art and science (management) that deals with the cultivation of crops and the rearing of animals for man’s use. In other words, agriculture involves the production (farming and rearing), processing and marketing of plants and animals. (Source: Ref 2A-01, Pg 16). You can also listen to this definition on our Youtube Video.

Week 2: 25-09-2023

Stages of Development of Agriculture

Nigeria agricultural practice is an extension of the agricultural methods from Egyptian farmers combined with the older traditional farming practices of other West African countries.

Week 3: 02-10-2023

Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture

Work in Progress

Week 4: 09-10-2023

Problems of agricultural development in Nigeria and possible solutions

Work in Progress

Week 5: 16-10-2023

Roles of Government and non-Governmental organisations in agricultural development

Work in Progress

Week 6: 23-10-2023

Roles of science and technology in agriculture

Work in Progress

Week 7: 30-10-2023

SS1 Agricultural Science 1st Term Revision and Mid Term Test

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1. A long-term loan for an agricultural enterprise could be obtained from — WAEC 2021, Q49


2. Which of the following problems of agriculture could be solved through farmers’ adoption of research findings? WAEC 2021, Q50


3. Which of the following statements best describes commercial farming? WAEC 2019, Q1


4. To reduce rural-urban migration, the government should — WAEC 2022, Q1


5. A non-governmental organization involved in agricultural development in West Africa is — WAEC 2022, Q3


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Week 8: 06-11-2023

Agro-allied industries and their relationship with agriculture

Work in Progress

Week 9: 13-11-2023

Agricultural Reforms

Work in Progress

Week 10: 20-11-2023

Land and its Uses

Work in Progress
Week 11 27-11-2023

Environmental Factors Affecting Agricultural Production

Work in Progress
Week 12 04-12-2023

Classification of Crops

Work in Progress

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Scheme of Work by Topic for:
SS1 Agricultural Science 1st Term
(Ana Arm Technologies)
Meaning and Importance of Agriculture
Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture
Problems of Agricultural Development in Nigeria and Possible Solutions
Roles of Government and non-Governmental Organisations in Agricultural Development
Roles of Science and Technology in Agriculture
Agro-allied Industries and their Relationship with Agriculture
Agricultural Reforms
Land and its Uses
Environmental Factors Affecting Agricultural Production
Classification of Crops
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Reference Textbooks

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