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Week 1: 18-09-2023

Recognizing Living Things

Sub Topics:
Day 1:
Biology of living things
Definition and branches of Biology
Day 2:
Definition of science
Processes and methods of sceince or scientific approach
Day 3:
Characteristics of living things
Differences between plants and animals

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Week 2: 25-09-2023

Classification of Living Things

Sub Topics:
Day 1: System of classification of living things
Day 2: Kingdoms: Monera, Protista, Fungi
Day 3: Kingdoms: Plantae, Animalia

Week 3: 02-10-2023

Organization of Life

Sub Topics:
Day 1: Levels of organiztion
Day 2: Advantages of complexity in higher organisms
Day 3: Disadvantages of complexity in higher organims

Week 4: 09-10-2023


Sub Topics:
Day 1:
Plant nutrition
Definition of photosynthesis
Day 2:
Light and dark reaction mechanisms of photosymthesis
Materials necessary for photosynthesis
Day 3:
Conditions necessary for photosynthesis
Elements required by plants for their growth and development

Week 5: 16-10-2023

Nutrition in Plants

Sub Topics:
Day 1: Nitrogen cycle
Day 2: Trace elemnets
Day 3: Effects of mineral defficiencies

Week 6: 23-10-2023

Animal Nutrition

Sub Topics:
Day 1:
Types of food substance
Balance diet
Day 2:
Heterotrophic nutrition
Types of heterotrophic nutrition
Day 3:
Feeding mechanisms in holozoic organisms

Week 7: 30-10-2023

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1. The following life processes are common to both plants and animals except


2. The branch of biology that deals with the principles of classification of organisms is known as —


3. Which of the following groups embraces the rest?


4. Which of the following characteristics is not possessed by most plants? Ability to —


5. In which of the following levels of classification are the members most smallest?


Question 1 of 5

Week 8: 06-11-2023

Functioning Ecosystem

Sub Topics:
Day 1:
Definition of autotrophic mode of nutrition
Heterotrophic mode of nutrition
Day 2:
Acquatic and terrestrial habitats
Examples of producers and consumers
Day 3:
Trophic levels
Energy flow
Pyramid energy

Week 9: 13-11-2023

Energy Transformation in Nature

Sub Topics:
Day 1:
Definition of energy
Energy loss in the ecosystem
Solar radiation
Day 2:
Major sources and forms of energy
Catabolism and anabolism
Day 3:
First and second laws of thermodynamics

Week 10: 20-11-2023

Nutrition in Animals

Day 1: Mamaalian teeth

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Watch the video on Characteristics of Living Things that explains each of the characteristics.

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