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Week 1: 18-09-2023

Sense Organs

Sub Topics:
Day 1: Definition and types of sense organs – Organ of smell, Organ of taste
Day 2: Organ of sight
Day 3: Organ of hearing

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Week 2: 25-09-2023


Sub Topics:
Day 1: Definition and types of Reproduction
Day 2: Reproductive System in Mammals
Day 3: Structures of Mammalian gametes

Week 3: 02-10-2023


Sub Topics:
Day 1: Essential factors affecting the development of organism
Day 2: Fertilization, pregnancy and birth in humans.
Day 3: Adaptive features of development in organism or embryo.

Week 4: 09-10-2023

Reproduction Systems in Plants

Sub Topics:
Day 1: The structure of a flower
Day 2: Types of Ovary
Day 3: Plantation in flowering plants

Week 5: 16-10-2023

Pollination in Plants

Sub Topics:
Day 1: Definition of Pollination
Day 2: Types of Pollination
Day 3: Agents of Pollination:
i. Features of pollinated flowers
ii. Differences between insect pollinated and wind pollinated flowers

Week 6: 23-10-2023

Development of New Seeds

Sub Topics:
Day 1: Structure of pollen grains
Day 2: Fertilization in flowering plants
Day 3: The structure of a seed
i. Germination of seeds
ii. Conditions necessary for germination of seeds

Week 7: 30-10-2023

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1. The blood vessel which carries blood from the alimentary canal to the liver is the — WAEC 2021, Q12; B1-02, Pg 389


2. Which of the following statements is not true about hormones? WAEC 2019, Q15


3. The properties of endocrine system include the following except — WAEC 2020, Q17


4. Which of the following hormones is suddenly secreted into the bloodstream of a frightened person? WAEC 2021, Q16


5. The temperature control centre in mammals is located in the — WAEC 2021, Q17


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Week 8: 06-11-2023

Reproductive Behaviours

Sub Topics:
Day 1: Meaning of courtship behavior
Day 2: Importance of courtship behavior
Day 3: Types or forms of courtship behavior in animals

Week 9: 13-11-2023

Development of New Organisms

Sub Topics:
Day 1:
Metamorphosis in insects
Types of metamorphosis
Day 2: Stages in the development of a toad
Day 3: Effects of hormone in the development of a toad

Week 10: 20-11-2023


Sub Topics:
Day 1: Definition of fruits
Day 2: Structure of a fruits
Day 3: Classification of fruits, and Dispersal of fruits and seeds

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