Principles of Curriculum Design and Development PDE704

Principles of Curriculum Design and Development PDE704

The Principles of Curriculum Design and Development PDE704 contains past questions and answers that cover Years 2023 | 2022 | 2021 | 2019 | 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013 and 2012. | Online Quiz

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Year 2021

2 'The definition of curriculum is a matter of your own perception'. Expatiate this statement

According to Wasagu, before you arrive at a curriculum, you must first establish your goal, aim and objectives. Curriculum itself is just a structure, it comes alive as an activity when it is developed (by Dr Quadri, during lecture).

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Year 2019

6 Examine eight (8) basic components of lesson plan.

Year 2017

2 a) What is the concept of curriculum innovation? (5 marks)

It is the introduction of liberal and specific new skills, new knowledge, new social ideas, new practices or methods, new instructional materials, etc, into the school curriculum in order to make it more responsive to the varying needs, interests and aspirations of the learners and the society.

Year 2016

Q1 Discuss a lesson plan and enumerate its basic components. (25 marks)

This is the final stage in curriculum implementation. A lesson plan is the final major stage of preparation before a teacher is ready to go into the classroom for actual active teaching. This is the stage when the scheme of work or unit of instruction is interpreted for periods of thirty or forty minutes.
It is the guideline by which the teacher teaches his lesson.
When lesson plan is transcribed into a note book, it becomes a lesson note. It is regarded as a guide to the teacher in executing the plan of teaching the students.
PDE 704, Pg 27

Year 2015

6 Outline the four (4) interrelated/interdependent processes in curriculum development and discuss any two (2). (25 marks)

The problems of what to teach, how to teach it, the environment to teach it and those to teach are very central to education. These give rise to curriculum development. Curriculum development basically attempts to define the nature of the learner’s day-to-day life in the school. (Beane, Toebfer & Alessi, 1986). It is the process of implementing the theoretical plan to attain educational ends.
There are four major stages which are interdependent and interrelating in the process of curriculum development namely: Get the PDF copy of the Past Questions and Answers

Year 2013

3 Carefully identify the three (3) domain learning and their levels as classified by Benjamin S. Bloom. (25 marks)

Domains of knowledge by Benjamin Bloom
(i) The Cognitive Domain – This refers to the acquisition and use of knowledge. The levels within this domain include:
a) Knowledge (memory of ideas or facts).
b) Comprehension (understanding of information)
c) Application (applying knowledge to problem situation)
d) Analysis (identification of parts and their relationship).
e) Synthesis (combining parts to form a whole).
f) Evaluation (developing judgments about values)
PDE 704, Pg 17

Year 2012

1 a) Define the concept "curriculum".

It has been seen by some as all the learning experiences that the learner acquired under the guidance of schools directed towards acquiring some skills or competences .
It is the total spectrums of contents, resources, materials and methods of teaching through which the purposes of education are achieved (Wasagu, 2000).
PDE 704, Pg 1

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