Micro Teaching PDE711

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Micro Teaching PDE711 covers the following years of past questions and solutions: 2022 | 2021 | 2019 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011

Micro Teaching PDE 711 Past Questions and Solutions

2022 | 2021 | 2019 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | Online Quiz

Concept and Definition of Micro Teaching

Repeated in the Years Listed Below:

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1 Explain the concept of micro-teaching..
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2019 (Q1) Micro teaching involves set induction. Explain: (A) Set induction (B) Why do teachers use set induction? (C) How do you induce a set induction? (D) Who to induce?

(A) Set induction is anything presented to a learner to make him/her pay attention and learn within the lesson period (PDE 711 P136)

Watch this video to have an understanding about the equipment required in micro teaching lab.

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2017 (Q5) List and explain five (5) teaching skills and explain them | Micro Teaching PDE711

They are Set Induction, Class Closure, Planned Repetition, Stimulus Variation, Questioning, etc.

Class closure involves directing the attention of the students to the completion of a specific task or learning sequence (Brown, 1975)

2016 (Q1 A) List any five (5) factors that aid class control and discipline. (5 marks)

They include the following (PDE 711 P187):

Thorough preparation of lesson

Teacher’s strictness

Fairness in punishment

Teacher’s performance during teaching

Establishing simple rules and regulations to guide the class

Engaging and involving the students

2015 (Q1 A) What is Micro-Teaching? (5 marks)

It is a scaled down technique encounter in class size and class time (Allen 1976). It is  designed to develop new skills and refine old ones. It focuses attention on a specific teaching skill

2013 (Q2 A) State any ten (10) items likely to be found in a typical micro-teaching laboratory. (10 marks)

They include: Radio, tape-recorded material, record player, workbook, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, chalkboard, over-head projector, charts, pictures, television, cinema, etc  (PDE 711 P206).

Others are: observation room, control room, micro-laboratory classroom, and resource library, etc (PDE 711 P130)

2012 (Q4) Write short notes on: (A) Instructional media skills (B) Effective use of chalkboard (C) Encouraging pupils’ participation (D) Stimulus variation

(D) Stimulus variation: This is the use of different techniques in the teaching process to arouse students’ interest and sustain it and to reduce their mental inactivity (PDE 711 P12). It is the extent to which a teacher is able to shift the attention of the “pupils’ mind” away from the visible and many a time, invisible external stimuli (PDE 711 P144).

2011 (Q5 A) What are instructional materials?

They include all the resources used in a lesson to explain the topic, content and subject matter to the learner so that he/she is able to fully comprehend the topic. The material is such that it captures students’ attention and motivates them.

2011 (Q5 B) Justify the reasons for using instructional materials in teaching/learning process.

To gain and sustain the attention of the learner, etc

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