Developmental Psychology PDE702


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2021 (Q1) BAY States
Differentiate between maturation, growth and development

Maturation could be physical, psychological, or social (PDE702 Pg 199). While growth involves quantitative changes (such as physical and mental changes) in an organism (PDE702 Pg 77). On the other hand, development refers to a series of orderly changes in the physical status of an individual. It occurs in body size i.e. weight and height; body proportions i.e. shapes as a result of changes in body size (PDE702 Pg 109).

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2019 (Q1 A) Western States
Describe the concept of conception

2017 (Q5)
List and explain Piaget's stages of cognitive development. (25 marks)

Piaget theory argues that we have to conquer four stages of cognitive development. These are the sensory motor stage, the preoperational stage, the concrete operational stage and the formal operational stage.

2016 (Q1)
List and explain the four (4) stages of Piaget's theory of cognitive development. (25 marks)

They include the sensory motor stage, the pre-operational stage, the concrete operational stage and the formal operational stage.

2015 (Q1 A)
Define adolescence. (5 marks)

It is defined as a period in every person’s life that lies between the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood (Blair, et al 1975).

2014 (Q2 A)
Human development is naturally contextual. Discuss. (10 marks)

2013 (Q1)
Discuss any five (5) developmental tasks recommended for secondary school students by Roberts Harvighurst. (25 marks)

2012 (Q2)
Discuss exhaustively how heredity and environment can affect a child's growth and development

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