Research Methods in Education PDE708

Research Methods in Education PDE708

Research Methods in Education PDE708 covers the following years of past Questions and Answers: 2023 | 2022 | 2021 | 2019 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2013 | 2012 | Online Quiz

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Pure and Applied Research

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1 Distinguish between Pure and Applied Research with relevant examples.
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2021 (Q3) BAY States: Identify and discuss five (5) different types of variables

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Types of variables
1. The independent variables: They vary and have a presumed cause on another variable, the dependent variable. In an experiment, they are the manipulated variables. They are variables under the control of the experimenter. In a non-experimental study, they are the variables that have a logical effect on the dependent variable.
2. The dependent variable: They are the variables whose behaviors under controlled conditions are allowed to change in an organised manner.
3. Continuous variables: They are capable of taking on an ordered set of values within a certain. Variables that can take on an infinite number of possible values are called continuous variables.
4. Discrete variable: It is defined as a variable that can only take on finite number of values. All qualitative variables are discrete. Examples are the number of goals scored in a football match, the number of teachers in a school, the number of boys and girls in a class.
5. Latent variables: They are unobservable entities.
6. Active variables: They are manipulated variables.

2021 (Q5) BAY States: Highlight problems associated with educational research and how they are abused

See YEAR 2017 Q5 A
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2019 (Q4 C) West States Enumerate four (4) uses of research in education

See YEAR 2012 Q5 A
The uses of research in education amongst others include:
1. Assist to discover new ideas and relevant information on the identified problem.
2. Helps to establish creative and technological thinking.
3. Assists individuals and collective research work in solving local, state and national problems.
4. Helps to monitor the development and progress of education programmes.

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2016 (Q1) Define educational research and explain any five (5) of its various characteristics. (25 marks)

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2015 (Q4 B) List and explain the types of correlation and regression. (15 marks)

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2013 (Q1 A) What do you understand by the concept "History"? (12 1/2 marks)

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2012 (Q3 B) Explain the contributions of Plato to Education

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