Topic: Respiration
Learning Objectives: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1 Explain briefly the term respiration. (SSCE 2013, Q1a)
2 State four differences between gaseous exchange and aerobic respiration in a tabular form. (SSCE 2013, Q1a)

3 Explain the term residual air. (SSCE 2013, Q1b)
4 Describe the importance of residual air to mammals. (SSCE 2013, Q1b)
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5 State four characteristic features associated with respiratory structures. (SSCE 2013, Q1c)
6 Describe oxygen debt. (SSCE 2013, Q1d)

7 Outline three activities that can result in oxygen debt. (SSCE 2013, Q1d)
8 Write the chemical equation for each of the following processes: (i) aerobic respiration; (ii) anaerobic respiration in plants; (iii) anaerobic respiration in animals. (SSCE 2010, Q1a)

9 Briefly explain the term respiration. (SSCE 2006, Q6a)
10 Name the two types of respiration and write a balanced equation to summarize each of them. (SSCE 2006, Q6a)

11 Outline the mechanisms involved in: (i) inhalation; (ii) exhalation in human beings. (SSCE 2006, Q6b)

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