Basic Ecological Concepts


Topic: Basic Ecological Concept
Learning Objectives: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1 Explain briefly the following ecological terms: (i) biosphere; (ii) habitat. (SSCE 2014, Q3a)
2 Define ecological succession. (SSCE 2013, Q3a); (SSCE 2002, Q5a)

3 Describe the process of ecological succession on a bare plot of land. (SSCE 2013, Q3a)
4 Explain the following terms: (i) biosphere; (ii) population; (iii) community; (iv) ecosystem. (SSCE 2013, Q3b)
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5 Name one instrument each used for measuring: (i) relative humidity; (ii) wind speed. (SSCE 2013, Q3c)
6 Describe how temperature as an ecological factor can be measured. (SSCE 2003, Q6c)

7 List four characteristics of ecological succession of plants. (SSCE 2002, Q5a)

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