Topic: Movement
Learning Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1 State two differences between tactic and nastic movements in plants. (SSCE 2016, Q5a)
2 Give two examples each of organisms that show: (i) tactic movement; (ii) nastic movement. (SSCE 2016, Q5b)

3 Enumerate five reasons why animals move from place to place. (SSCE 2014, Q5a)
4 State one function each of the following structures found in plants: (i) epidermis; (ii) phloem; (iii) sclerenchyma. (SSCE 2014, Q5b)
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5 Distinguish between tropic movement and nastic movement in a tabular form. (SSCE 2007, Q1a)
6 Explain how light brings about tropic movement in the stem and root of a flowering plant. (SSCE 2007, Q1b)

7 Mention what would be observed when a growing seedling is placed horizontally. (SSCE 2007, Q1c)
8 State five functions of the pituitary gland. (SSCE 2007, Q1d)

9 Highlight two differences between growth in plants and growth in animals. (SSCE 2007, Q1e)

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