Topic: Agriculture
Learning Objectives – At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1 Describe the term subsistence farming. (SSCE 2017 Q4a)
2 Distinguish between crop farming and livestock farming with specific examples. (SSCE 2017 Q4b)

3 Identify four measures that the government of your country can adopt to boost agricultural production. (SSCE 2017 Q4c)
4 Describe: (i) peasant farming. (ii) Co-operative farming. (SSCE 2016 Q4a)
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5 Identify any five ways through which government can assist peasant farmers. (SSCE 2016 Q4b)
6 Explain briefly crop farming. (SSCE 2014 Q4a)

7 Outline any four measures that can be adopted to increase crop production in your country. (SSCE 2014 Q4b)
8 State any two contributions of the industrial sector to agriculture in your country. (SSCE 2014 Q4c)

9 Define the following: (i) peasant farming; (ii) commercial farming. (SSCE 2013 Q3a)
10 Describe five ways in which agriculture contributes to the economic development of your country. (SSCE 2013 Q3b)

11 List and explain five systems of agriculture as practiced in your country. (SSCE 2008 Q10)
12 Explain any four reasons why small-scale farmers dominate agricultural production in your country. (SSCE 2004 Q8a)

13 Suggest any two measures that can be taken to encourage large scale farming in your country. (SSCE 2004 Q8b)

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