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Sub topics:
Introduction: 1) Definition of economy 2) General overview of the Nigerian economy and its economic potentials
Nature and structures of industries in Nigeria, Contribution of Primary, secondary and tertiary sectors to the Nigerian Economy
Major economic activities in various zones of Nigeria
Period 1: Introduction: 1) Definitition of economy 2) General overview of the Nigerian economy and its economic potentials
Instructional objectives: By the end of the lesson, learners should be able to:
1. Define economy.
2. Draw a map of Nigeria showing the location and population density.
3. State the location, population and the structure of the Nigerian population with its GDP/PCI and factor unemployment.
4. Identify the key drivers of the Nigerian economy.
5. Explain structural duality in the agricultural, industrial and services sectors.

Sub topics:
Meaning, components and systems of Agriculture
Importance and contributions of agriculture to the Nigerian economy.
Activities of marketing boards in Nigeria
Reasons for low agricultural productivity in Nigeria
Solutions to low agricultural productivity in Nigeria
Instructional objectives: By the end of the lesson, learners should be able to:
Explain the following systems of agriculture as practiced in your country: (a) subsistence farming; (b) co-operative agriculture; (c) plantation agriculture; (d) mechanized agriculture; (e) peasant farming 2008 Q10
Subsistence Farming: This is the cultivation of small holdings for personal and family consumption. The subsistent farmer uses crude implements on a small piece of land.
Co-operative Agriculture: The pooling of resources by small farmers to secure inputs at reasonable cost and achieving larger output.
Plantation Agriculture: This entails large scale production and cultivation of trees for industrial and export use.
Mechanized Agriculture: This is also called commercial farming. This is large scale farming for domestic and external consumption. It uses modern agricultural input, huge financial resources and high labour intensive strategy.
Peasant Farming: This type of farming is usually carried out by peasant farmers who usually cultivate a small and scattered piece of land. The peasant farmers use traditional tools such as hoes, cutlasses etc. The farmer is usually faced with the challenge of inadequate fund and small market size.

Sub topics:
Meaning and components of Nigerian mining industries

Sub topics:
Definition of financial institutions
Types of financial institutions
Definition of a bank
Types of banks
History of banking

Sub topics:
Other financial institution and financial system regulation (e.g. insurance, etc)
Other financial institution and financial system regulation (e.g. money market, capital market, etc)
Other financial institution and financial system regulation (e.g. the stock exchange market, security and exchange commission, etc)

Sub topics:
Meaning and evolution of money
Trade by barter and its problems
Features and characteristics of money or qualities of money
Types of money
Functions of money
Money vs Barter Economy

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