The Nitrogen Cycle


Topic: The Nitrogen Cycle
Instructional Objectives: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1 Explain briefly the importance of the following factors and organisms in the nitrogen cycle: (i) lightning; (ii) Nitrosomonas; (iii) Azotobacter. (SSCE 2019, Q10a)
2 State the functions of: (i) nitrogen fixing bacteria; (ii) nitrifying bacteria; (iii) denitrifying bacteria; in nature. (SSCE 2013, Q5b)  

3 Explain the following terms: (i) putrefaction; (ii) nitrogen fixation; (iii) nitrification; (iv) denitrification. (SSCE 2011, Q5a)
4 State three differences between nitrogen fixation and denitrification. (SSCE 2011, Q5b)
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5 Explain how nitrogen from urine gets to the roots of plants. (SSCE 2011, Q5c)
6 List five ways by which nitrogen can be made available to the soil for plant growth. (SSCE 2006, Q3b)

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