Nutrition and Feeding


Topic: Nutrition and Feeding
Learning Objectives: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1 Explain briefly how the dentition of herbivores is adapted for feeding. (SSCE 2016, Q2c)
2 Name one mineral element each needed for the proper functioning of: (i) bones; (ii) red blood cells; (iii) thyroid gland. (SSCE 2015, Q2c)

3 Highlight three benefits of including roughages in the diet of humans. (SSCE 2015, Q2d)
4 State three reasons why proteins are important to humans. (SSCE 2015, Q2d)
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5 Highlight the deficiency symptoms of the following vitamins: (i) vitamin A; (ii) vitamin C; (ii) Vitamin K. (SSCE 2011, Q2c)
6 Explain why an athlete in a race would be given a glucose drink rather than a piece of bread. (SSCE 2009, Q2a)

7 Outline the test for starch in a given food substance. (SSCE 2009, Q2b)
8 State five reasons why water is important in human diet. (SSCE 2009, Q2c)

9 Describe a balanced diet. (SSCE 2007, Q2a)
10 Name the classes of food stating the importance of any two to the human diet. (SSCE 2007, Q2b)

11 State the source, substrate and end products of the following enzymes: (i) ptyalin: (ii) pepsin; (iii) lipase in a tabular form. (SSCE 2007, Q2c)

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