Crop Production


Topic: Crop Production
Behavioural objectives: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
1 Enumerate five factors to be considered in siting a crop farm (SSCE 2019, Q2c)
2 Distinguish between spacing and thinning in crop production. (SSCE 2019, Q10a)

3 Give two examples of each of the following classes of crops: (i) roots and tubers; (ii) oil crops; (iii) grain legumes; (iv) cereals. (SSCE 2018, Q13a)
4 Give two reasons for manuring in crop production. (SSCE 2013, Q3d)
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5 List five aims of crop improvement. (SSCE 2005, Q6a)
6 Define the term selection in crop improvement. (SSCE 2005, Q6b)

7 List three methods of selection. (SSCE 2005, Q6c)
8 Explain the following genetic terms: (i) homozygotes (ii) back cross (iii) dominance. (SSCE 2005, Q6d)

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