Topic: Transportation
Learning Objectives – At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1 Explain transportation by pipeline. (SSCE 2017 Q9a)
2 Explain five benefits of transport by air. (SSCE 2017 Q9b)  

3 State the factors to be considered by a producer in choosing an effective channel of distribution. (SSCE 2017 Q9c)
4 State five reasons road transport would be preferred to rail transport. (SSCE 2016 Q14a)
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5 State five functions of the Airport Authority. (SSCE 2016 Q14b)
6 State the reasons for the presence of the customs and excise authority at seaports. (SSCE 2015 Q4a)

7 Explain the various functions of airport authority. (SSCE 2015 Q4b)
8 Explain five factors affecting the choice of transport of frozen products. (SSCE 2012 Q5a)

9 State five disadvantages of air transport. (SSCE 2012 Q5b)

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