SS 3 Exam Questions First Term


SS3 Exam Questions First Term

SS3 Exam Questions First Term covers subjects such as Agricultural Science, Biology, Commerce, Economics, etc

Agricultural Science Sample Exam Questions

A by-product of all livestock is — WAEC 2022, Q35 A. hide B. horn C. milk D. meat ANS (B)
An important characteristic of pigs is that they are — WAEC 2020, Q35 A. highly prolific B. great milk producers C. resistant to parasites D. able to digest cellulose ANS (A)
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Distinguish between spacing and thinning in crop production. (Source: Ref WAEC 2019, Q10a)

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Biology Sample Exam Questions

The blood vessel which carries blood from the alimentary canal to the liver is the — WAEC 2021, Q12; B1-02, Pg 389 A. hepatic artery B. hepatic vein C. hepatic portal vein D. mesenteric artery ANS (C)
Which of the following statements is not true about hormones? WAEC 2019, Q15 A. Their responses are voluntary B. They may affect more than one target organ C. They are chemical messengers in animals D. They are transported by the blood to the target organs ANS (B)
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A student suddenly stepped on a big snake, he cried for help and ran away. Name the hormone produced in the body for the reaction. (Source: Ref WAEC 2015, Q1b | B1-02, Pg 401)

Commerce Sample Exam Questions

The saying that the “consumer is always right”/ describes the doctrine of — WAEC 2021, Q42 A. caveat emptor B. consumer sovereignty C. consumer protection D. proximate cause ANS (B)
The management function which involves measuring outcomes and taking corrective action to reduce error is — WAEC 2020, Q47 A. staffing B. organizing C. directing D. controlling ANS (D)
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Explain the following types of capital (i) Authorized capital (ii) Liquid capital. (Source: Ref WAEC 2021, Q8a)

Economics Sample Exam Questions

The study of economics is important to every society because it — WAEC 2021, Q1
A. Enables individuals to satisfy all their wants.    B. Helps in the utilization of scarce resources.     C. Helps producers to know what to produce.                D. Restores equilibrium between producers and consumers.        ANS (B)
Which of the following is central to the definition of Economics? WAEC 2020, Q1
A. resources       B. wants                C. scarcity            D. capital              ANS (C)
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Give a reason on why Economics is a (i) science; (ii) social science. (Source: Ref WAEC 2009, Q3b)

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