SS3 Scheme of Work 1st Term

SS3 Scheme of Work 1st Term covers subjects such as Agricultural Science scheme of Work, Biology scheme of work, etc. Each subject also has a lesson note prepared in accordance with the secondary school scheme of work.


Agricultural Science Scheme of Work

Theme 1 Crop Production
1. Crop Improvement
Theme 2 Animal Science
1. Animal Improvement
2. Animal Health Management
3. Aquaculture
4. Apiculture or Bee Keeping
Theme 3 Agric Economics And Extension
1. Agricultural Finance
2. Farm Records and Accounts
3. Marketing of Agricultural Produce
4. Agricultural Insurance
5. Agricultural Extension

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Biology Scheme of Work

Theme 2 The Organism At Work
1. Regulation of Internal Environment
2. Nervous Co-ordination
3. Sense Organs
Theme 3 The Organism And Its Environment
1. Ecology of Population
2. Balance in Nature

Chemistry Scheme of Work

Theme 1 Chemical World
1. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Theme 2 Chemistry And Industry
1. Petroleum or Crude Oil
2. Metals and their Compounds
3. Iron
4. Ethical, Legal and Social Issues
Theme 3 Chemistry Of Life
1. Fats and Oil
2. Soap and Detergents
3. Giant Molecules (Sugars, Starch)
1. Giant Molecules (Proteins)

English Language Scheme of Work

Theme 1 Vocabulary Development
1. Words Associated with Culture, Institutions and Ceremonies
2. Words Associated with Motor Vehicles and Travelling
3. Words Associated with Government and Administration
4. Words Associated with Law and Order
5. Words Associated with Science and Technology
6. Differentiating between British and American Spellings of Common Words
7. Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions
8. Collocations
9. Foreign Elements in English Usage – French Words
10. Foreign Elements in English Usage – Latin and Greek Words
Theme 2 Oracy Skills: Spoken English
1. Revision of Sentence Intonation Pattern
2. Clusters of Two Consonant words Occurring at Final Position
3. Clusters of three and four Consonant words that Occur at the Final Position
4. The Schwa /a/ as final Unstressed syllable
5. Engaging in a meaningful Dialogue on a given Subject matter
6. Arguing given Topics effectively
7. Reading Aloud Confidently
8. Reading and Appreciating Poetry

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