Foreign Policy in West African Countries


Topic: Foreign Policy in West African Countries
Learning Objectives – At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1 Explain the term foreign policy. (SSCE 2017 Q9a)
2 State four factors that influence Nigeria’s foreign policy. (SSCE 2017 Q9b)  

3 Explain National Interest. (SSCE 2016 Q10a)
4 Outline four objectives of your country’s foreign policy. (SSCE 2016 Q10b)
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5 State the factors that determine the external relations of West African countries. (SSCE 2015 Q10)
6 List the factors that govern Nigeria’s relations with her neighboring states. (SSCE 2013 Q11)

7 Highlight any four major objectives of the foreign policy of any one West African Country. (SSCE 2011 Q11)

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