Project Execution Expenses And Analytics App


Project Execution Expenses and Analytics App

Project Execution, Expenses and Analytics App is designed to track task execution (or deliverables) during project implementation. As we are aware in many projects, different tasks are often carried out by different teams and at different times. Sometimes, it may be necessary to trace who did a particular task at a given time. To make it handy and easier, PEE-AA can be used to capture (or enter) work performance data as the project progresses.

What Project Execution, Expenses and Analytics App (PEE-AA) does?

PEE-AA captures start time, end time and automatically calculate the number of hours spent each day on tasks thus helping the project team to know their daily man-hour. Furthermore, it progressively calculates the duration each project team spent on the project as tasks and dates are entered on a daily basis. See screenshot below.

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Other benefits of PEE-AA include

      • Tracking time-in and time-out of every worker.
      • Calculating the duration spent on a given task per day and the cumulative duration over a given period.
      • Creating report on Project Execution and Task History.
      • Generating a detail financial analysis of materials used and labour cost.
      • Generating a percentage financial analysis of materials used and labour cost.
      • Other features can be developed into it depending on customer requests.

As critical as a project commissioning date is, one thing that should not be overlooked is the importance of the project work performance data. It is necessary that the work performance data of a project (which represents the raw facts of execution) are immediately recorded in order to create a database (or project archive) for the project. In some cases, such a database can be useful for decision making, for planning future projects, serve as a reference, etc.


Kindly contact us for further explanation, a demo or a quote.

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