Book Keeping General Ledger

Why You Should Have A General Ledger No Matter How Small Your Business Is

Welcome to the BUSINESS ACCOUNT LEDGER (also called Book Keeping General Ledger). Manage your accounting books with this foundation account ledger database. It is a foundation account because it holds all the financial information you’ll use to create subsequent financial reports for your business. So, it is a principal book of accounts, which is very important for every small and medium businesses. It helps to simplify, sort and summarise your business financial transactions. The database can track credits and debits by category and generate Trial Balance. It also helps to show that your credits and debits are either balanced or unbalanced. It further shows if the sum of assets and expenses and the total of equities, liabilities and revenue are equal or not. It runs on your desktop and offline and can be integrated into your online platform.

Our General Ledger App is designed to incorporate the Double Entry Principle for every transaction used in accounting and book-keeping. It saves over 50% of the time required to keep manual accounting books. You can easily filter and edit any inadvertent wrong input.

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Contact us on 0909 650 5940 or for a quote and demo. It is user-friendly. The App is designed for offline use, meaning you don’t have to connect to the internet before you input your transactions. Kindly contact us for a demo.

General Ledger for Small and Medium Businesses

Book Keeping General Ledger from ANAARM

General Ledger for Non Profit Making Organisations

Non Profit Making Organisation Account Ledger from ANAARM

Other services we offer include Apps and Software for small and medium businesses, Lesson Plan, Lesson Notes, Lesson Videos,  e-Learning Apps Development, Publishing and Hosting of Business Apps, Website Design and Hosting, Solar PV Installation and Maintenance, etc

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