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Good Project Planning is the foundation of a project success. Microsoft Project is the project planning tool used by many professionals in project management. We provide training for professionals in different industries and disciplines. Our training programme is divided into four (4) sections, namely: Introduction to Project Planning, Basics of workspace in Microsoft Office Project, How to do Settings and Customise Microsoft Office Project, and Steps Required to Achieve Success in Your Schedule. Kindly click on the image below to view our proposal for Microsoft Office Project course outline and training schedule.


It is not unusual to start with the basics of anything we intend to learn. Thus, the second section of this Microsoft Office Project training is designed to cover the basics of Workspace in Project.

In the third section of the Microsoft Office Project training, we will list what you should have before starting to create your project schedule.

In section four, we will learn how to create tasks in the Microsoft Project Plan and how to assign predecessor and successor relationship among tasks. After learning details of how to add tasks in Microsoft Project, we will learn how to create a project milestone as well. In addition, we will learn how to create resources in Microsoft Project. Also, we will create the calendars of each Project Resource. It is important to note here that Project Resources are actually the project team members, materials, tools, and equipment that are needed to perform project tasks. This is why it is often difficult to replicate the project plan/schedule of a particular project in another similar project without some tweaking.

We provide online quizzes for this course as well. You may watch the following video on Microsoft Project for Beginners

You can contact us or send us a WhatsApp message to get started on this course. The training schedule can be customised to suit your availability.

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