Advantages of Technology
The following are some of the advantages or benefits of technology
1. Improved Standard of Living: Technology has improved our standard of living through the provision of reading and writing materials, home appliances, farm implements, cars, mobile phones, etc.
2. Improved Health Care Delivery: Technology has reduced death rate and increased life span since most diseases can now be diagnosed and treated with modern equipment.
3. Improved Agricultural Production: Technology has helped farmers to produce food on a large-scale for commercial purposes using mechanized farming.
4. Industrialization: Technology has led to the building of big industries where most goods are produced in large quantities.
5. Improved Communication and Collaboration: Technology has made communication instantaneous, fast and cheaper. With technology, you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, and anytime.
6. Improved Means of Transportation: The application of technology has improved the quality of most roads in Nigeria, led to the construction of bridges, and provision of vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, etc.
7. Economic Growth and Development: The application of technology has improved the quality of most roads in Nigeria, provision of electricity, bridges and machines for industries.
Disadvantages of Technology
1. Pollution: With industrial toxic wastes and burning of petrochemicals, our water, air and land become polluted.
2. Depletion of Natural Resources: With technology, deforestation takes place fast and our eco-system is weakened. We are always afraid that if the trend is not curbed, man run the risk of turning the earth into a desert of some sort in the future.
3. Unemployment: Technology has made it possible for machines to replace man in most industries, which has resulted in job loss and unemployment for many people.

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