NTI PGDE Questions for Social Studies

Questions & Answers
for Social Studies

NTI PgDE Questions for Social Studies contains past questions and answers from the following years: 2017, 2014, 2013, etc

Year 2017

1) Discuss the aims and objectives of Social Studies.

i. Assist man to acquire skills for solving societal and environmental problems.
ii. Influence man’s attitude positively to social, cultural, economic, political values and total environment.
iii. Create awareness and sensitive to man’s environments.
iv. Encourages voluntary participation in social and civic duties as well as develops the sense of responsibility.
v. It equips man with the basic understanding of the knowledge of the total environment.

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Year 2014

2 a) Discuss any five (5) positive effects of Science and Technology.

1. Increase in food supply: This is achieved through the application of machinery, power fertilizers, pesticides, hybridization and processing technique.
2. Increase in life span: The medical, pharmaceutical sanitation revolution has brought rapid increase in life spans which result in increase in population.
3. It saves labour.
4. It has brought a change in information technology.
5. It had greatly reduced the cost of ICT manufacture commodities through mass production techniques.
6. It has led to great improvement in literary and educational levels.
7. It has brought about increased convenience and environment and communication revolution.
8. It has improved the transportation system.
9. It changes the structure of the social class in the society.

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